Google AdWords is well known with digital marketers, but perhaps less known amongst business leaders. You’ve definitely seen it at work, however. Those sponsored posts and ads that appear whenever you search for something through Google are there because of AdWords. When done right, AdWords can drive a lot of traffic to your website. It can offer a great return on investment and a quick way to attract customers to your website.

Adwords example for Google search

An example of AdWords in action.

Why do AdWords

When trying to get discovered online, you can spend a lot of time working on your SEO to improve your organic rankings… or you can use AdWords. Through AdWords, your website has the opportunity to consistently appear in first or second place in search results for certain terms.

Because it’s keyword based, and offers some good analytics, you can also use it to improve your organic SEO. Identify the best performing keywords through AdWords for conversions and clicks, then apply them to your content and SEO strategy.

How AdWords works

AdWords works much like an auction. You set your maximum bid for clicks. However, unlike an auction, the highest bid doesn’t always win.

Google takes into account other metrics that combine into what it calls a ‘Quality Factor’. The Quality Factor (or Score) looks at a website’s relevancy and click-through rate (CTR). Generally speaking, if the CTR of an ad, or past ad, is high, then it’s likely to be relevant to the audience. That means the ad’s overall Quality Score will increase.

Account history is also considered as part of the score and it helps Google promote only credible brands. The landing page that your ad directs users to will also be analysed for its relevance and quality. A high bounce rate will show poor quality and therefore negatively impact the Quality Score.

Optimising your AdWords campaign

Select Search Network only: First, if you wish ads to appear in search results then when prompted, you’ll need to select for ads to appear on the Search Network only. The Display Network is a different thing. It involves banner ads that appear on other websites and it can be good for increasing brand awareness. But, if it’s conversions and clicks that you seek, then the Search Network is best.

AdWords set up showing network options

Select Search Network only when setting up AdWords

Set a budget: AdWords allows you to set a maximum budget for your campaign. Pick a budget that is suitable for your audience and that doesn’t limit your campaign’s effectiveness. If your campaign’s cost-per-click (CPC) is £1 and your maximum budget is £2, then after 2 clicks your campaign will ground to a halt. Start with an amount you’re comfortable will spending each month – take into consideration the overall goal of the campaign. If it’s to drive leads and sales, then look at the likely sales you’ll get out of each click. This will help you with setting your budget. Google Keyword Planner will also help with some estimated CPC.

Pick keywords: Select your keywords and make sure they are relevant to your brand and landing page. A shoe retailer, for instance, might pick the keywords “ladies’ heeled shoes” and “men’s loafers”. You can also select negative keywords that are irrelevant to your business to ensure they aren’t used in your campaign.

Optimise your landing page: Next, you’ll need to optimise your landing page so it is user-friendly. That means it needs to load quickly, have clear copy, be easy to navigate and have a clear call-to-action. If it doesn’t then more people will bounce from it and your Quality Score will suffer.

Constantly review performance: It’s important to always review your AdWords performance. Be prepared to make adjustments. Look at your campaign’s CTR, CPC, and the overall cost-per-acquisition and conversion rate. Experiment with different ad copy, landing page design, imagery and so on, to see what gives the best results.

AdWords is worth it

Getting good with AdWords takes a little time and learning. But, the long-term results pay off. If you think of your website as the digital gateway to your business, then AdWords is an easy way to get people through the door. Of course, if all of this seems out of your reach, then we’re here to help. We’ve got years of experience with AdWords. So, if you’re interested in getting started and having us lend a helping hand, then contact us now for a free consultation based on your needs.